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On Vacation from Vacation
Sundial says
10. We had to take a vacation from our vacation. (i.e. Family)

9. After eating so many holiday fixin's our edge is about as sharp as Boy-George Bush at a Spelling 'C' Contest.

8. Excess: hookers and blow. Translation: the trust fund ran out.

7. Allows more time for you to catch up and get jiggy in our archive.

6. Joe Lust spread more than a computer virus.

5. Bunkering down for Battle Bot Bush Part Deus -
Dueling Dung in the Desert

4. We're actually making real money. Translation: soon we'll have more hookers and blow!

3. New Years Resolution Number 1: Thou shalt spend more time with the kids--NBA Action and Porn.

2. We've been through the desert on a horse with no name and we got totally fucking lost.

1. Busy structuring our employee benefit package. Translation:
We're out getting high!

420 High - School the way it should be!
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