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WHO = World Health Organization, who recently, after advising travelers not to visit Toronto, decided to lift their hex and open the city up for tourism and fun.

But even though WHO's left the bag over at the Skydome, the question still lingers and falls to WHAT on second, as in: What the hell are they gonna do now to attract the baseball fans?! At third, even I DON'T KNOW realizes the need for something other than the (franchise-busting) dollar-a-game nights to rustle em' in. And when IDK sends the concern around the horn, we can only pray that TOMORROW knows, because with the way TODAY's been catching things lately... Yup, the sun will only come up tomorrow if TOMORROW throws the best game of his
(in perpetuity) life:

Comedy Ave. PRESENTS:

"TOMORROW's 7 Pitches to Save Toronto Baseball"

PITCH 1 - Austin Powers Night

Fans still standing when the seventh-inning stretcher arrives will be cleared to enter the "Yeah, Baby!" Time Machine and travel back to the glory days of the Jay's 92-93' repeat champs. Those NOT standing will be treated to a rendition of "Take Me Out to the Hospital," by Burt Bacharach and Mini Me, as they're being carted off the field.

PITCH 2 - Free "Learn the Signs" Clinic

Fans arriving before the game -- and after the first shuttle to the hospital -- will be taught genuine
major league hand signals. Imagine the fun when you learn 101 new ways to scratch your own nuts! And to think you passed on the Genital Origami class in college.

PITCH 3 - Free Protective Mask Night*

Complete with a 2003' new Jays emblem on it! Oh the joy when the scare is over and you put your mask up for auction on E-Bay! Who's in da money now, baby? (Other than the local hospitals, that is).

*for 1st 30 fans in attendance

PITCH 4 - Trade for Derek Jeter

Do it now! while he's not yet back to full strength and Gen. George is still hating-down on his party habits. The "Hunk Factor" is guaranteed to pack your stadium nightly -- unless of course we find out that Jeter is the major leaguer that has been rumored to bat from the other side of the plate. Ouch. SOS! Save our Studs.

PITCH 5 - Village People Family Reunion & Fireworks Show

Speaking of studs...Just think of the magic when the Village People perform YMCA while handling their own pyrotechnics! Can you say: Lawsuit! Nevertheless, if the V-Peeps manage to get one "wave" started, they have done their civic duty and can retire once again to the Big YMCA in the Skydome -- because no way in hell they will ever get out alive. Can anyone actually name a second song these dress-ups have sung?

PITCH 6 - Groupie/Player Orgy Night

No need to stick around for even one inning after this pre-game ceremony. Protection? Who needs stinkin' protection when your whole city is going to be quarantined until 2005? Mills Lane makes a special appearance, via satellite, to chime in: "Let's Get it On!"

PITCH 7 - Win

It's called "a winning record." Hint: You don't have one. You want SARS to be the excuse throughout the summer and on into the fall, just keep on losing, suckas. It will be interesting to see how many seats you sign on Fan Appreciation Day -- cause there ain't gonna be anybody left in them to watch your sorry-asses play.

Things to Do in Toronto While You're Dying:

Bum Smokes.

Tell everyone to "f*ck off, you hoser," while blowing smoke in their face.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles -- dream that one could transpo you out of that hellhole.

Be thankful you are not French Canadians. Excuse us, Freedom Canadians.

Mike Myers'

Wednesday Sports Viewing:
(not in order of preference)

Burt Bacarach vs. Mini Me
2. Dr. Evil vs. Mole!!!!
3. H. Graham vs. My Shorty, baby!
4. Gay Mafia vs. Mike Ovitz
All Hosers vs. H. Graham!!!
Bluejays vs. SARS

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