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"What's scary about George W. Bush isn't that he's stupid. It's that he's stupid AND has his finger on the button that could annihilate us all."

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June 17-23 , 2002

WASHINGTON - President and humanitarian George W. Bush signed an intelligence order earlier this year directing the C.I.A. to topple Saddam Hussein. George Bush/intelligence order, intelligence order/George Bush...oxyMORON? You decide. Jesse Ventura in 2004!

Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle agrees that "there is broad support for a regime change in Iraq"--mainly of course between American politicians--"the question becomes when we do it and how."

The President used his I.Q. to recommend sending in the 69th BDSM Biker's Battalion out of San Francisco, led by someone you might be familiar with.

"You can count on more than just an ordinary ass kicking here. Whips, chains, electric nipple clamps...these are a few of my favorite things."
Letter too Saddam:

June 17, 2000

To: Saddam Hussein

From: V.P. Dick Cheney

Dear Mr. Evil Axis member:

I am wondering how evil you will look once you are hog-tied with your pecker in a cat's cradle, a ball-gag in your mouth and dressed in your 18th wife's jilbab?

See ya soon...slave,

Big Dick Cheney

"It's my funeral and I'll whack you if I want to."

QUEENS - The famous mobster John Gotti was put to rest this past week with a funeral service that pulled out all the stops. The two-day wake included larger than life flower arrangements, and a procession of 100 cars (led by Gotti's hearse) that cruised by the old neighborhood and later stopped by Jimmy "the Weasels" house to collect an old debt. Afterwards, only Jimmy's three front teeth could be found for comment.

The man known as the "Teflon Don" would have been proud to have seen not only the 300 people gathered at the cemetery, but the entertainment, sponsored by Glad Bag.

"And they're building a stairway, to heaven...."

In a tribute to the mobster, Gotti lawyer Bruce Cutler said: "He was sincere. He was genuine. He was remarkable..."
He kind of forgot to mention the part about how the Don was a lean mean psychotic murdering machine. But lawyers being lawyers...let's just say that Mother Teresa II was buried last week.

TEEN BEAT MAGAZINE - After three years of petting, and six months of breakup with the Pop Princess of Teflon, N'Stink's Justin Timberlake says it "hurts too bad to say the words 'break up'." Fortunately he is still able to say the words: "I am a no-talent lip-synching cheeseball."

ENGLAND - Speaking of lips...Move over Sir Elton and Sir Paul, because you're about to be joined on the throne by...<drumroll> Sir Mick????

Despite not exactly being England's best role model, Jagger is set to be knighted by the Queen of England. Which is kind of like giving Robert Downey Jr. the keys to the Mormon Church for a day.

In a related story, Jagger's lips were also inducted into the Collagen Hall of Fame.

When reached for comment Jagger was ecstatic, and at the age of 58, no longer able to utter anything original...

"Jumping Jack Flash, it's a gas, baby."

WASHINGTON - Andersen got busted this week for Obstruction of Justice, and for those of you bred from the MTV Generation, we're not talking about Pamela getting another "lift" from Dr. Wiener of Beverly Hills.

When Kid Rock was informed of the good news, he said...

"My wiener's not bad. It's just not up to Tommy Lee levels, ya know. But Pammy's cool with my Oscar Meyer, I think. Rock on, MTV!"

ENGLAND - Prosecutors have been looking for a motive in rapper R. Kelly's stat rape case while they search for the demon who may have influenced the "singer." The man who once believed he could fly is being tried after a videotape was discovered that shows him not only engaging in sex with underage girls, but urinating on them in his swimming pool. Record execs are working quickly to do a remake of his famous song "I Believe I Can Fly," renaming it, "Even If I Can't Really Fly I Can Piss on You Because I'm a Star."

Meanwhile, English authorities near a seaside resort in Weymouth, Dorset have cracked the case wide open and found the accomplice--Georges the bottle--nosed dolphin.

Swimmers have been warned to stay away from the "sexually frustrated" dolphin, his M.O. being to isolate female swimmers and gradually move them away from the beach where he can then mate and urinate on them.

Upon hearing the exciting news, a FOX television crew rushed to the remote site to begin filming their next reality show, tentatively titled Flipper Does Dorset.

"F*ck FOX and the dolphin the Whities rode in on."
PARIS -Rare we know, but there was another violent rapper in the news this week. The French, Joey Starr (not related to Ringo) was fined 9,750 Euros after he hit his pet monkey on television, sparking protest from animal rights activists and Rosie O'Donnell, who as you know, is jumping on any bandwagon of protest these days.

"All I can say in the slimeball's defense is that at least he didn't spank it. When someone starts spanking their monkey, something's wrong with that person's upbringing. Listen, I'm the mother of 45 adopted children and I assure you, I will be the only one spanking them or their monkey's. My girlfriend has one in the oven right now. Not a monkey, our love child, thank you David Crosby, so I think I know a thing or two about how to take care of kids." She finished by recommending a 350 degree oven for slow basting, should anyone care.

HONG KONG- A Hong Kong woman lost her case for compensation against a hair salon which she claimed made her look like Osama Bid Laden. The woman, who said she asked for the "Julia Roberts," refused to leave the court room until all 50 occupying it could keep a straight face.

The standoff ended well over an hour later when she was drugged and taken away by an ambulance.

Osama: "I don't know what all the fuss is about. I dig my hair. And so do my 500 wives. Can stinkin' George W. say that?"


"OK, so I got no replies from the ad I posted on May 27. And that's ok...dicks...As you know, I am appearing in Goldmember this summer, and I am gleeful to report that my member is doing just fine now that I have undergone the "Ron Jeremy" extension process. I didn't cry, okay? I may be a little person, but I'm not a pussy. My Untitled Oompa Loompa Project is currently on hold while the "studio" searches for the proper financing. The f*cks wouldn't even pay for me to go to Cannes (pronounced 'kens'). In the meantime, for all my fans out there that are dying to know what I have been up to lately--not 3 ft tall, haha, you're so funny--here's been my dealio: Hookers and blow, a few winks in between, some Jack LaLaine workout tapes, and then more hookers and blow. Gotta run for now, thanks for being such loyal fans. Pretty soon my action figure comes out and it even includes my new member! Should be a hoot for the kiddies.

Love me....Vern T.

"Wow, the little f*ck must be hung."

"Do I make you randy, baby?"

The Horny Men's Club


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