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As long as I have a cool TV, I might as well live in a cave. In fact, I like to think of my house as nothing more than a glorified console for my television--the ultimate stereo cabinet.

Drew "going to Afghanistan?" Carey

Surf's Up! - Every Monday




From vicious diatribes to farting contests, to salacious silicone breasts to Stump the Homeless Refugees, it's TV as only Howard could imagine it. Join the King of All Media, Robin, Stuttering John, Fred Norris, for no-holds-barred obnoxiousness, as Team Stern heads to Afghanistan to engage Bin Laden and the Taliban in a little psychological warfare. (Turbins are optional, and naked Twister is probable.)

Episode One: Stuttering John dresses up in drag, infiltrates an Al Qaeda cave, and interviews terrorists about their favorite Emmy picks.

Peter Funt and Dina Eastwood host an all-new version of Candid Camera.

Episode One: Watch the hi-jinx from inside a Tallahassee Telemarketing firm, as one employee after another contract vicious cases of Anthrax poisoning every time they go to pick up their telephones. With laughs like these, who needs governmental regulations.

In the new Survivor: Afghanistan, bitter Islamic fundamentalists battle
to see who will survive and who will perish in a country run amok.

Episode One: First Immunity Challenge Winner,
Omar Allah Omar Mohammed Allah (pictured), wins a free trip to the United States so he can study at the college of his choice,
become a millionaire and drive a Rolls Royce.


Nickelodeon brings back one of Americas' favorite families. Follow along as the Bunch have a blast contending with racial profiling and chemical weapon scares.

Episode One: Sam the Butcher makes an anonymous call to the F.B.I. about a suspicious family on the block, while Alice threatens to withhold all sex until he can remedy the situation; or give her a really good pork loin.
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