Enough. Please. Must I read one more "How to Catch a Man" or "What's a Man Really Thinking" book? Okay, not that I have ever read them. But I see them at the bookstore. And what I see are how-to manuals usually penned by women -- women who are attempting to put themselves inside the psyche of a man and map out all his whereabouts, so other women can plot their capture of this elusive, predatory animal. Wait, who's the predator here?

Some might call it "survival strategy." I call it Manipulation, and think these types of books should come with a fortune cookie warning label: One who start with manipulation, end in divorce.

Me thinks women/men spend far too much time trying to get inside the mind/pants of each other. And not enough time getting inside themselves. In fact, let me suggest that the obsession with "what he/she's thinking " is just another distraction keeping you from focusing on what is really key to attracting a successful relationship into your life: knowing thy self (I think Yogi Berra coined that one.)

Not enough people in the Dating Pool spend the time untangling their own web, and mapping out their own needs, before trying to play synchronized swimmer. They think that just the act of coupling will make them whole and solve all their problems -- with no clue the pasted-on-smile will never last.

Secret: Men really aren't all that elusive. We just don't react well to manipulation and we're tired of being blamed for the other half's woes. (Love is a two-way street on this avenue.)

The Guy Report is an attempt to set the record straight: we're really not all that bad! It's a book for the women who are hungry for something other than the glossed-over rules, and the men who are tired of being represented by yet another Adam Corolla & Co. fart joke. That's not to say that you shouldn't be ready to laugh. Because if there's one thing Venus and Mars have in common: is the ability to laugh. And it's something both planets, in all our seriousness, have drifted far away from.


Chapter 1: Why We Hate Chick Flicks

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