All Prismatic Fragment Locations in Destiny 2's The Final Shape (2024)

Where To Get All Prismatic Fragments in The Final Shape (Destiny 2)

In this guide, we’ll list all Prismatic Fragment locations and show you how to unlock them.

The Prismatic subclass has brought a new level of excitement and complexity to the game, with loads of powerful abilities. To master this new subclass, you need to unlock its Fragments, each giving you unique synergies that can change the game. This guide will help you get all the Prismatic Fragments to unlock this new power in its entirety.

In total, there are 21 Prismatic fragments you can acquire and utilize. As soon as you unlock the Prismatic Subclass, you’ll have access to Facet of Courage, Facet of Dawn, Facet of Hope, Facet of Protection, Facet of Purpose, and Facet of Ruin.

Throughout the Final Shape story, you will unlock two more fragments during missions: Facet of Balance & Facet of Blessing. We’re going to be going over all the other fragments!

How To Get Hidden Story Mission Fragments

Three Prismatic Fragments, each a thrilling discovery, have been ingeniously hidden in the final three story missions.

These three are the most accessible, making the exhilarating task of adding them to your collection a breeze!

Facet of Bravery

  • Defeating targets with grenade final blows grants Volatile Rounds to your Void weapons. Defeating targets with powered melee final blows grants Unraveling Rounds to your Strand weapons.

During the Final Shape campaign mission, The Ascent, you can quickly grab Facet of Bravery. As you climb the mountain, you’ll eventually reach the remains of a plane.

It’s all too easy to run through the plane, as it’s a linear section. What you would miss in doing so is another section of the aircraft just below it. When you approach the plane, look to your right off the cliff and find the chest containing this fragment inside!

Facet of Devotion

  • Defeating targets with Stasis or Strand debuffs grants bonus Light Transcendence energy.

The following mission, The Dissent, contains the chest that holds Facet of Devotion. After defeating the final boss, start running up the stairs towards the objective marker. Instead of turning towards your right, stay straight once you make it up the stairs (they disappear periodically; watch out). Once you reach the wall at the end of the hallway, the chest will be directly to your left!

Facet of Sacrifice

  • When you have an Arc, Solar, or Void buff, ability final blows grant bonus Darkness Transcendence energy.

In the final mission, Iconoclasm, you can easily miss the Facet of Sacrifice chest. I imagine most people did. Later in the mission, you’ll begin ascending the monolith. Once you’ve gotten high enough up, you’ll see what seems to be a calcified, disfigured war beast.

Go through the doorway to your left. Jump on the door frame before you, then look to your right and jump through the small hole high up on the wall. Follow the path, and you’ll be rewarded with another Prismatic fragment.

How to Get All Other Fragments

When exploring the Pale Heart, you’ll run across chests that look like this from time to time:

When exploring the Pale Heart, you’ll occasionally run across chests that look like this. Upon interacting with the chest, you will be tasked with completing one of a few objectives. They’re all straightforward, but you can open your chest once you complete your objective.

Opening the chest will grant you a Darkness Memory Vestige. Once you collect five of these Vestiges, they will automatically convert into a Darkness Memory. This Memory will then reveal a new objective on the Pale Heart map, showing you a location where you can find your Prismatic Chest.

Another method you’ll have to utilize revolves around Cyst missions. These missions are unlocked through a series of quests given by Micah-10. While doing these missions, you’ll collect a relatively large amount of Light Memory Vestiges.

Once you have collected five of these Vestiges, like the Darkness counterparts, five will be converted into a Light Memory. This memory will then reveal a new map marker for this memory to go to and find the hidden fragment chest.

Facet of Awakening

  • Rapidly defeating targets with Light or Darkness damage or Super final blows generates an elemental pickup of the matching damage type.

Upon receiving your fifth Light Memory Fragment, you may be granted the Memory: Refractions of Light item. This will allow you to claim the Facet of Awakening.

Head to the Refraction, and you will find your chest hiding atop some large tree limbs!

Facet of Command

  • Freezing or suppressing a target reloads your equipped weapons and increases weapon stability, aim assist, and airborne effectiveness.
  • Defeating frozen or suppressed targets creates a Stasis Shard or Void Breach

To get your hands on the Facet of Command, spawn in at The Impasse in the Pale Heart. Once you spawn in, turn around. You’ll immediately see a road that leads to the Wall in the Cosmodrome. Press forward into the Wall. Eventually, you will see a region chest.

You probably can’t open that one yet, but press forward! There will also be a pile of ice just past the chest; remember where that is! Keep moving forward, and you will come across the Prismatic chest. When you see the chest, some windows will be off to the side of the platform you’re standing on.

Go ahead and jump through these windows. When you do, look to your left. You will see a computer terminal. Use it to spawn a Scorch Cannon. Start by blasting the two machines in the right of the room to melt the snow and ice off of them.

There will also be another pile of ice. Shoot this one to reveal an Arc charge, and deposit it into one of the two machines you cleared off. It seems simple enough: Shoot the ice piles and deposit the orbs, right? Yes and no.

There will be Void, Arc, and Solar charges. Arc counts as two notches on the machines, Solar counts as three, and Void is four. Deposit too much; the machines will spit the charge back out that you just put in! Each machine has ten slots, so quick math is required to get it right!

Also, if you need a new Scorch Cannon, you can always return to the room and use the terminal again! Here are what the ice piles look like:

Just outside the room where you got the Scorch Cannon, there will be another pile of ice. Shoot it to reveal a Void charge. Grab it and deposit it into the machine you put the Arc charge into.

Now, run down the hall where the Shrieker was hanging out earlier. Once you pass the Prismatic chest, you will see some platforms to your right. Start jumping, and you will find another pile of ice on the right side. Shoot it to drop another Void charge. Place it in the same machine to fully charge that machine!

Run back to the region chest from earlier. Shoot the ice and take the Arc charge back to the other machine. After this one, the other piles of ice are all in close vicinity to the machines!

Once both machines are fully charged, a lot of enemies are going to spawn. Be ready to Transcend, as multiple Bound enemies will show up! Once the Subjugator boss that spawns is defeated, a Divided Prismatic Key will drop. Open the chest to receive the Facet of Command!

Facet of Defiance

  • Finishers create a detonation that either jolts, scorches, slows, severs, or makes targets volatile based on the damage type of your equipped Super.

Spawn at The Impasse yet again. Go straight ahead and head towards the Transgression. Push forward until you reach an open area with a statue resembling an impaled Guardian.

Head to your left, and you will find a cave with a glowing pink crystal near it. Once inside, you will see Darkness orbs throughout the cave. Shoot them while standing near them to gain the Shielded from Darkness buff so you can stay alive inside. Keep an eye on your timer at the top of your screen and refresh the buff as needed.

At the back of the cave, you will find a Prismatic chest that says it requires the Transgressive Prismatic Key. A Darkness Glyph will appear, which can be activated to start the encounter that drops the key. The chest will be found right here at the very back end of the cave:

Once you activate the Glyph, enemies will begin spawning in the cave. Look around for Acolyte Eyes, called Eyes of Suffering, as they need to be dispatched immediately. Some enemies can’t be touched until the eyes are destroyed.

After a couple of waves of eyes and enemies, the Darkness Glyph will reappear. Upon activating it this time, a tormentor will spawn. Once defeated, the tormentor will drop the key required to open the chest and acquire the Facet of Defiance.

Facet of Dominance

  • Your Void grenades weaken targets, and your Arc grenades jolt targets.

When you collect five Light Memory Vestiges, and they are converted into a Light Memory, you may receive Memory: Seclusion of Light. This quest will grant you Facet of Dominance. Upon receiving this memory, travel to The Blooming.

Once you’re there, head Southeast and keep Southeast through the cave. You will shortly come to a Darkness portal. Jump through, and you will be teleported to Zavala’s house.

Head North until you reach a waterfall. Jump up the right side of the waterfall, and your chest and fragment await!

Facet of Generosity

  • Defeating targets while transcendent creates Orbs of Power for your allies.

You’ll need a Light Memory again to obtain the Facet of Generosity. This time, you will need Memory: Blooming of Light. Once you’ve got the memory and are ready to grab the hidden chest, travel to the Blooming.

All Prismatic Fragment Locations in Destiny 2's The Final Shape (8)You’ll find your chest after climbing up in the tree and searching amongst its roots!

Facet of Grace

  • Defeating targets with Kinetic weapons grants you bonus Transcendence energy. Defeating targets with your Super grants you and nearby allies bonus Transcendence energy.

Facet of Grace is a fragment you can go and grab whenever your heart desires; No memories or memory fragments! Starting at the Old Tower in The Lost City, make your way down the stairs that used to lead to the old Vanguard room.

Jump down the hole to the right in the room and continue pressing forward. You will very quickly be around here:

From there, hang a right and jump across the platforms until you’re on the ground again. Staying right, you will soon see a door to your left. The chest containing the Facet of Grace is inside.

Upon the chest being approached, you will see a message on your screen saying, “Omens Appear.” You must dispatch three groups of enemies, each headed by an Omen. Chest location below:

The first group of enemies spawns near the chest. After the Omen from this group have been defeated, jump back across the platforms and head back to the doorway shown earlier.

Instead of going right towards the chest, jump across to your left. Upon moving forward, you will encounter another Dread spawn. After defeating this Omen, head back to the middle area. The third Omen on your hit list can be found across the platforms that are slightly to your right if facing forward:

When you return to the middle area, you will be greeted by two more Omens and a Tormentor. You must defeat the Omens to lower the Tormentor’s shield! After the Tormentor is dealt with, return to the building to the right and claim your reward!

Facet of Honor

  • Collecting an elemental pickup or destroying a Tangle grants Transcendence energy of the same type.

The Face of Honor is very well may take the longest to grab! After collecting Darkness Vestiges, you can combine them and potentially get Memory: Divisive Darkness.

Once you have this memory, head to The Impasse. Turn around and head to the Wall and inside. Follow the path until you see the light of day again. You’ll exit the Wall here:

Go to the right and continue on the path like you would during the Ascent mission. After what seems like an eternity, you’ll arrive at this building:

Head forward and to the right. If you look off the ledge along the right side, you will see the Prismatic chest below at the end of a walkway!

Facet of Justice

  • While transcendent, your ability final blows explode.

The Facet of Justice fragment locked behind a puzzle. To reach this chest, spawn in at The Landing and head East. Keep heading East until you reach this location:

Proceed through and move through the cave system. It’s relatively linear, but here is the area you’re trying to get to:

In the center of this room is the chest containing the Facet of Justice. To complete this puzzle, you must match up Hive runes and deposit a Solar crystal in the correct bowls. Luckily for you, this encounter is static!

If you are standing at the chest in the center of the room as if you just walked in, picture each Hive rune having a number. Number them 1-10 from left to right. Grab a Solar crystal and place it in the bowl behind Rune #4.

Return to where you got the Solar crystal and find another waiting. This time, place the crystal in the bowl behind Rune #8. Lastly, grab one more Solar crystal and put it in the bowl behind Rune #1, the first one on the left.

Once this is done, Dread will spawn. Defeat the Omen and Harbinger that spawn to grab the Refracting Prismatic Key and unlock the chest!

Facet of Mending

  • Grenade final blows cure you. Transcendence grenade final blows increase the strength of the effect.

To obtain the Facet of Mending fragment, you first need to head to the Lost City. Once you’re there, head out like you usually would down the stairs. Keep pushing West until you’re in the Lost City Outskirts.

Once you’re there, you will find a wooden canopy. Jump on the canopy, and you will find a lost Ghost. The chest will be accessible after finding four Ghosts!

Continue moving towards the West. When you reach the platforms that you jump across, look around for some stairs and descend the stairs instead. You will find the second Ghost hiding around some boxes!

Keep moving forward; eventually, you will exit a building and see the pink portal in the sky. All you have to do is turn around, jump on the overhang where you just exited the building, and grab the third Ghost.

Continue heading back toward the colossal Ghost, and you will stumble upon a familiar metal device. The final Ghost lays on a beam on this device.

Once you have all four Ghosts, you can finally make your way to the giant Ghost. There will be a plate you can stand on on the ground. Per usual, stand on the plate until the orange ring goes away.

Dread will begin spawning so dispatch them. Once you kill the Enlightened Harbinger that spawns, you will receive the Overgrown Prismatic Key and can open the chest.

Facet of Solitude

  • Landing rapid precision hits emits a severing blast from the target. While transcendent, the severing blast is bigger.

To obtain the Facet of Solitude, you’ll first need Memory: Impassive Darkness, which can be obtained by collecting Darkness Vestiges. Once you have the memory, travel to The Impasse.

Head Southeast towards the temples. Go to the left-most temple and make your way towards the back right side of the temple.

You’ll be able to see a ledge below, and that’s where you will find your new fragment!


All Prismatic Fragment Locations in Destiny 2's The Final Shape (2024)
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