Deep Rock Galactic Best Perks Tier List (2024)

Deep Rock Galactic is a 1-4 player co-op first-person shooter that features badass space Dwarves, 100% destructible terrain, dynamically generated caves, and unending waves of alien enemies. Many Deep Rock galactic players want to know what the best perks are in the game to spend their perk points on. We have compiled a thorough list and guide to help you decide!

Tier List Guide 2022 ForDeep Rock Galactic Best Perks

With the Deep Rock Galactic best perks, all classes will be well prepared to progress through the game and end game material. Perks are a vital part of your account’s power level. They’ve gained over time as you reach key milestones and earn perk points to unlock the perk you want. Perks are one of Deep Rock Galactic’s overlooked mechanics. Currently, they are at the top of the list of new player concerns regarding the most beneficial perk for dwarven miners.

Educating yourself with the knowledge contained in this perks guide and perk tier list will help you to spend your earned points wisely. Moreover, it will create a configuration that works well with your class build. We’ll focus on one area of DRG in this guide – its amazing perk system. It can be difficult to figure out which options are best for your build. This is especially true if you’re a green beard. There are so many different options that influence how you play.

To help you, we have compiled a list of the best Deep Rock Galactic perks.


Before digging into the best perks, it’s vital to understand the following mechanics:

Perks were introduced in one of the first game updates. However, they were completely overhauled with update 28. (January 2020). This was so significant that any perk guide created prior to this date is incorrect.

Perks are account-wide bonuses that are available to all of your classes once unlocked. They work on a prerequisite basis, which means you must earn a particular number of perks in the previous tier before going on to the next.

The character equipment screen shows how many perks you can have in Deep Rock Galactic if you’re curious. Players begin with one active (blue) and one passive (red) skill. The ability to equip up to two active perks and three passive perks as they progress through the levels.

The passive perks are unlocked from the 4th and 9th perk tiers. Whereas, the second active perk slot requires you to promote that particular class.

With enough time committed throughout all game classes, it is feasible to unlock all perks in Deep Rock Galactic. However, there is presently no way to reset perk points spent.

What Makes The Best Perk in Deep Rock Galactic?

It’s crucial to understand what makes a perk powerful or weak. If you don’t know this, you will make mistakes when deciding which are the ideal perks for your dwarf. This ensures that you can tailor the suggestions to your class and playstyle. Because these factors will always influence the best perks for you.

1. Flexibility

Rating perks that work for a wide range of classes, builds, and scenarios are a crucial factor in this tier list (such as solo or multiplayer). This means you’ll have to modify your playstyle less when you go between missions, and you’ll be able to use the perk in a wider range of situations. Perks that require certain gear, team, or map setups to shine don’t fulfill the criteria of a top-tier perk in Deep Rock Galactic, but they may still be useful to you.

2. Slots

Active perks are confined to a single slot until promotion, the best active perk ratings are much tighter than passive perk ratings, despite the simplicity with which these additional slots can be unlocked.

3. Class Specific

Some classes in Deep Rock Galactic do better or worse with some perks than others. Keep in mind what class you will be playing when making your perk selections.

Deep Rock Galactic Best Perk Tier List

Field Medic

The field medic is one of the first perks you gain, and it’s also one of the most beneficial if you routinely play with others. It’s useful for all difficulties. It not only speeds up and saves time when reviving fallen allies, but it also allows for an instant revival once every mission. This is especially useful in missions with low player counts.

Iron Will

A Deep Rock Galactic perk that is valuable in both solo and multiplayer missions, as well as one that is available early. While the perk change of 2020 reduced its effectiveness, it remains a staple for its powerful final stand. It provides you up to 12 seconds to unleash on opponents to make a revive simpler for your squad. Furthermore, it is especially important to aid a team reset after devastating combat.

Born Ready

This is a quality of life choice that shines brighter on some classes than others, depending on your primary and secondary weapon combination. You can constantly shift between your weapons to maximize your DPS without having to go through a reload animation if you have this equipped. Since you have explosive secondary reloading passively in your pocket, it makes youa solid candidate for the top perks for engineers.

Elemental Insulation

At the top level, this is a useful perk that removes up to 30% damage from a variety of elemental damage sources. It shines on a significant number of map and objective combinations that any class may employ. In the end, this means less damage is sustained, which may be restored by supplies or red sugar.


Unfortunately, because it is unlocked later in the perk tree, it is not an active perk that you can use right away. Although this is a crucial component of the Deep Rock Galactic experience, it is a quality of life enhancement worth considering. This component can help you escape out of difficulty when encircled or simply move around the map faster. At peak level, this perk really shines, since it cuts the cooldown from 40 seconds to 25 seconds.

Shield Link

A perk that excels in defensive missions where you must stay close to your friends and stops you from taking damage. It allows you to regenerate your shield faster between rounds of attacks. The ability to 300 percent overcharge an ally shield is also something players should remember to use frequently to get the most out of this perk. It will be even more effective on a team of close-ranged fighters, making itone of the finest parks for the gunner or driller.


An early passive option that may not appear powerful on paper, but can start to kill swarming opponents in a single hit at tier 3 and beyond (subject to an internal cooldown). Given the mission types you’re currently focusing on, this shines especially brightly on classes that lack area of effect. In the end, you find yourself squandering ammo to defeat little low-health foes.

Sweet Tooth

An early passive option that may not appear powerful on paper, but can start to kill swarming opponents in a single hit at tier 3 and beyond (subject to an internal cooldown). Given the mission types you’re currently focusing on, this shines especially brightly on classes that lack area of effect and you find yourself squandering ammo to defeat little low-health enemies.


If you frequently utilize your pickaxe’s power attack, the Berzerker perk might help you togreatly minimize its cooldown. There are often better options in the previous perk tiers if you struggle to remember to perform this deadly melee strike or don’t have your second active perk slot open yet because you haven’t beenpromoted

Beast Master

A uniqueperk that allows players to convert a grunt (named Steeve) to fight for them and dramatically increases their damage output at higher levels. Thankfully, damage from allies is minimized, and he has a useful blue light to distinguish him from enemies. This perk, on the other hand, offers another factor to consider. It doesn’t deliver a major benefit until you reach a higher level.

Heightened Senses

Due to the restricted availability of red sugar in missions, this can be handy. It can be used foroperating with larger parties in order to maximize your healing potential in one mission. The speed increase can also be a great addition and employed to escape from enemies at max level. It also eliminates dependency on supply drops, which aren’t always practical in all circ*mstances.

Hover Boots

For newcomers to Deep Rock Galactic, the hover boots perk can be one of the most useful onesbecause it prevents fall damage, which is a major cause of early game death. Outside of this, the hover is only somewhat effective in mining and transportation, and it isn’t game-breaking. However, this is one of the strongest perks for a scout. This is because it protects you from fall damage when learning the class.

Deep Pockets

This quality of life improvement can mean fewer travels to the appropriate drop-off spot for people who are major mining collectors for their team or prefer to play solo. While not game-changing, its position in the passive perk tree makes it a good mid-game perk investment as you progress through the tiers. Higher-level perks may replace this bonus later on.


One aimed particularly at the multiplayer public game hunter who discovers their friends aren’t being as careful with their firearms as they should be. If you want to spam area of effect weapons, it can also allow you to be a little more irresponsible, making it an excellent default if you like to shoot and pray without thinking.


The vampire perk will generally cause you to suffer more damage than you heal in most scenarios, but it can be handy on Deep Rock Galactic’s lowest hazard levels. This is one of the greatest perks for the driller, as he possesses many melee attacks and the ability to freeze enemies in place. It makes health regeneration relatively easy to obtain compared to other dwarves.


A decent resupply speed boost may be a great quality of life mechanic when you need to refill quickly. The speed boost, on the other hand, isn’t actually helping you survive in practice. This is because you want to manage restocks between wave attacks. Although the health benefit is appealing as a means of maximizing your limited resources, supply drops are not as reliable as red sugar in most cases. Supply drops are only really effective between waves and when your squad is stationary.

Veteran Depositor

Another way to improve your quality of life is to increase your deposit speed. This will save you time. The damage reduction granted when near a deposit site is the reason you’ll pick this perk, which is best employed on gunners or engineers who hold ground near these places.

See You In Hell

This perk’s interesting combination of melee damage boost and the active shockwave is let down by the fact that the majority of the strength is gained after being knocked down. Whereas Iron Will is a far more adaptable perk.

It’s a Bug Thing

While fun to watch loot bugs explode from your presence this perk is simply not useful given these valuable bugs can easily be defeated through other means. Even Ghost Ship Games (the developer of Deep Rock Galactic) has admitted this was added to the game as a fun meme perk.

Second Wind

While you will spend a lot of time sprinting in Deep Rock Galactic, the instances where the map layout is simple enough for this to trigger with a full 5 or 4 seconds of run time are rare, and your passive slot is better employed with other options in this perk tier list.

Strong Arm

With a boost to your throwing abilities, strong arm is a fairly self-explanatory perk. This perk is not recommended in any situation within the Deep Rock Galactic perk guide. It does not improve your chance of survival as the extra throw distance is simply not needed.


Providing a tiny boost to carrying large goods and ensuring that you are not slowed down by environmental variables. It only saves a small bit of time. Therefore, it is simply not worth the perk point investment or slot usage.

Perk Tiers

Perks are divided into multiple tiers. To advance to the next tier of perks, you must purchase a certain number of perks from prior tiers. To get tier 3 perks, for example, you must purchase three tiers 2 or tier 1 perks. At tiers 4 and 9, additional passive perk slots are available for purchase. Higher tiers may have higher levels of perks as well. Even if you have access to that level’s tier, you must purchase the previous perk level before you may purchase the next.

Tier 1

Field Medic (I), Friendly (I), Heightened Senses (I), Second Wind (I), See You In Hell (I), Thorns (I)

Tier 2

Veteran Depositor (I), Field Medic (II), Heightened Senses (II), Second Wind (II), See You In Hell (II), Thorns (II)

Tier 3

Veteran Depositor (II), Field Medic (III), Resupplier (I), Iron Will (I), Heightened Senses (III), Second Wind (III), See You In Hell (III), Thorns (III), Hover Boots (I)

Tier 4

Berzerker (I), Veteran Depositor (III), Field Medic (IV), Sweet tooth (I), Resupplier (II), Iron Will (II), Elemental Insulation (I), Second Wind (IV), Thorns (IV), New Passive Perk Slot (I), Hover Boots (II)

Tier 5

Berzerker (II), Veteran Depositor (IV), Sweet Tooth (II), Resupplier (III), Unstoppable (I), Iron Will (III), Strong Arm (I), Elemental Insulation (II), Hover Boots (III)

Tier 6

Berzerker (III), Sweet Tooth (III), Resupplier (IV), Unstoppable (II), Iron Will (IV), Vampire Perk (I), Strong Arm (II), Elemental Insulation (III), Dash (I), Beast Master (I), Hover Boots (IV)

Tier 7

Berzerker (IV), Deep pockets (I), Unstoppable (III), Vampire (II), Strong Arm (III), Born Ready (I), Shield Link (I), Dash (II), Beast Master (II)

Tier 8

Deep Pockets (II), Unstoppable (IV), Vampire (III), Strong Arm (IV), Born Ready (II), Shield Link (II), Dash (III), It’s a Bug Thing (I), Beast Master (III)

Tier 9

Deep Pockets (III), Vampire (IV), Born Ready (III), Shield Link (III), Dash (IV), It’s a Bug Thing (II), Beast Master (IV), New Passive Perk Slot (II)

Deep Rock Galactic Best Perks Tier List (2024)
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