Skilltree Saga – Enemy Types and Combat Skill Selection (2024)

Skilltree Saga – Enemy Types and Combat Skill Selection (1)

Welcome to this post This Skilltree Saga – Enemy Types and Combat Skill Selection Guide was written to be of use to you, and it is our honest hope that you will find that to be the case.

Skills guide you can choose based on who you will face. Take the guesswork out; you’ve got better games to play.

Welcome to the sub-standard guide. The time I spent on the beautiful visuals and moving text demonstrate how much you and this title mean to me.

What this guide’s not:

  • Well written
  • Complete
  • Detailed
  • You can find out more about it here
  • Politically,
  • High calorie

Why the heck would you want it, then? There aren’t many guides or combat tips for this game in the forums. So, after completing the entire game, I decided that I would compile all my combat notes and create a quick guide for you to use. It will make life easier for you.

As you play you learn new combat techniques. You will also be faced with many different types of opponents. These enemies can also be either normal or elite. The combat skills that each enemy type uses in battle are determined by whether or not they belong to the 1%. The good news: they always use the same skills, in the exact order. The bad thing is you won’t know which skills they are until you battle them. You don’t even know what skills the enemy will use after you die.

It’s only a minor issue at first, but once you start facing more enemy types and are faced with a variety of them, it becomes harder to remember. The combat abilities you choose should primarily protect your butts, counter their skill, and stomp into the ground their faces. The problem arises when you forget to check if the spider leaves on turn 1, turn 2, or turn 3. Then add in more similar enemies. “Umm… Crystal golem… emerald… ruby… which do I want to silence immediately with a windbreaker?”

After dealing with this confusing situation for more runs than I would like to admit, after a while, I started writing down the types of enemies I faced and what skills I was going to use to defeat them. Here are your enemies. It’s simple: The game will tell you who you are facing. Find it on the list, then set your abilities in that order before going into battle.

Call out 1. As we have said, these are incomplete. Since I never intended this to be a guide, some enemy types are missing. Because many die quickly even if you don’t look dumb or are weak as a finch, I have never been in a battle long enough to make recommendations for skills that would last three, four, five or six turns.

Call out 2 is a little different. It lists some bosses of the first realm, but it only kicks off for the 2nd realm. The third realm is “complete.”

Call out 3. The bosses in each realm can be found at the bottom of that realm’s list.

Call out 4 : these are my quick thoughts. They may not 100% accurate since I did’t always go to update. Sorry. Should be >90%

Call out 5 : you may be weaker when you face the same enemy type for the first time than I was. This could result in the selection of skills not being optimal. You could be much stronger than me, and find the skills take too long. You’ll learn how strong or weak your are and be able to adjust accordingly.

Call out number 6: Yes! Another call out. As you grow stronger, you’ll be able simplify and shorten your battles. But it would be best if you conserved your mana when you reach the third realm. Don’t use a high-mana attack if you can finish someone with a lesser skill.

There are some skills that I’ve not even used. Skills I’ve tried and they are terrible. There are some that you’ll use over and OVER again.

Prioritize getting and maximizing (4 levels):

Earth Shield

Blitz Attack


These are essentials that you must have before you can move forward.

After that it would be Burning Jab followed by Diamond Blade, Water Double, and Frozen Shackles in some order. I liked Frozen Shackles and Obliterated together, but Frozen Shackles negates many fewer enemy hits than you think. Terd.

They all are, copied and pasted in their digital chicken-scratch glory from my Notepad file. I added a few words of advice. “Make sections for the realms!” I kind of like this.

1st realm:

Giant Shark Plant Boss – Windbreaker Earth Shield, Regular Attack

Windbreaker – Poison Spider boss


2nd realm:

Bouldering – Regular attack, Regular attack, Regular attack

Cave Blob Warrior Windbreaker

Cave Shark Plants – Windbreakers, Earth Shields, Regular Attack

Cave Spider: Regular attack, Elemental Strike

Crystal Golem – Regular Attack, Regular Attack, Windbreaker

Drunken Goblin – Earth Shield, Regular attack, Frozen Shackles, Regular attack (or Obliterate), Regular attack

Dusk Wolf – Windbreaker, regular attack

Emerald Golem – Regular attack, Earth Shield, Windbreaker

Goblin Rider: Earth Shield Regular attack (dies with one windbreaker …)

Goblin Shaman- Windbreaker

Goblin Thief Windbreaker, Earth Shield

Orc Scout – Earth Shield, Regular attack, Regular attack

Rockie – Windbreaker, Elemental Strike

Ruby Golem Windbreaker, Regular attacks

Tipsy Goblin – Regular attack, Earth Shield, Regular attack, Diamond blade

Worg: [He attacks fast and can’t be stopped] Blitz Attack to get an OHK or Regular attack with Windbreaker


1 Fat Blob – Windbreaker, Burning Jab, Earth Shield, Blitz (blocks obliterate), regular attack

Windbreaker, Earth Shield, Blitz

2 Giant Mushrooms, Earth Shield – Windbreaker, Blitz or Heavy Hits

3 Prism Golem – Desolation, Earth Shield, Windbreaker, heavy hits

4 Humarilla – Earth Shield, Burning Jab, Blizzard, Blitz

5 Randal – Earth Shield, Burning Blade, Windbreaker?, Frozen Shackles, Obliterate, Blitz


3rd realm:

FYI: If you’re weaker than a sauce, stronger enemies might require that some of your “Regular attacks” be replaced by stronger, more mana-consuming options.

All enemies in the Elite realm are Elite.

Anomaly – Windbreaker, Blitz/Diamond blade

Assassin – Windbreaker, Regular attack

Black Knight Windbreaker

Bouldering – Regular attack, Regular attack, Regular attack

Cave Blob: Windbreaker, Regular assault

Cave Blob Warrior Windbreaker

Cave Shark Plants – Windbreakers, Earth Shields, Regular Attack

Cave Spider: Regular attack, Elemental Strike

Corrupted Mushroom – Regular attack, Windbreaker?

Crystal Golem (Blitz, Windbreaker, Regular Attack)

Drunken Goblin – Earth Shield, Regular attack, Frozen Shackles, Regular attack (or Obliterate), Regular attack, ?

Dusk Wolf – Windbreaker, Earth Shield/Regular attack, Regular attack, Regular attack

Emerald Golem – Blitz, Windbreaker?, Elemental strike

Female River Corpse – Windbreaker, Earth Shield

Fire Anomaly- Windbreaker Blitz/Diamond blade

Forest Blob Warrior (Windbreaker, Diamond Blade) (the second attack also ranged for hard hit)

Forest Mushroom (Windbreaker) – regular attack or Windbreaker?

Frost Wolf: Elemental Strike, Desolation, or Regular attack

Fungus – Desolation, Windbreaker

Ghoul- Windbreaker

Ghoul Maiden – Windbreaker, Regular attack

Goblin Rider – Earth Shield, Blitz

Goblin Scout [He attacks fast, cannot be blocked] Use Blitz Attack to get an OHK or use Regular Attack, Earth Shield and Elemental Strike

Goblin Shaman Windbreaker

Goblin Thief Windbreaker, Earth Shield

Goblin Wind Shaman – Windbreaker, Regular attack

Ice Anomaly (Windbreaker, Blitz/Diamond-blade)

Jaw Plant: Windbreaker, Earth Shield Regular Attack/Diamond Blade

Male River corpse – Windbreaker Earth Shield Diamond Blade

Mercenary – Earth Shield Blitz Regular Attack (he begins with Diamond Blade. You must block unless it is OHK.

Nature Spirit – Earth Shield, Regular attack

Orc Fire Shaman – Windbreaker, Regular attack

Orc Scout – Earth Shield, Regular attack, Regular attack/Windbreaker?

Orc Warrior – Windbreaker, Earth Shield, Regular attack, Regular attack

Orc Wind Shaman – Regular attack, Windbreaker

Poison Spider – Windbreaker

Quartermaster – Windbreaker

Raging Mosquito – [attacks fast] Blitz (then eat hit), Windbreaker

Realmswood Wolf – Regular attack, Desolation, Elemental Strike (for elite, regular attack, earth shield, regular attack)

Recruit, Windbreaker, Regular assault

Rockie – Windbreaker, Elemental Strike

Rockie Scout – Earth Shield Regular attack, windbreaker

Rockie Shaman Windbreaker, Regular assault

Ruby Golem Windbreaker, Diamond blade/Blitz

Skeletal Archer- Windbreaker – Regular attack

Skeletal Warrior – Windbreaker, Blitz

Skeleton, Earth Shield Blitz attack, Regular attack

Spider – Windbreaker

Tipsy Goblin – Regular attack, Earth Shield, Regular attack, Diamond blade

Undead Knights – Windbreaker

Voodoo Priestess — Water double. Earth Shield. Windbreaker. Regular attack. Or Windbreaker, Blitz. (first attack is then followed by a spell, blitz then melee. Similar to dmg

Water Anomaly- Windbreaker Blitz/Diamond blade

Worg (He attacks very fast. He can’t block him.) Blitz Attack or Regular attack for a OHK.

Earth shield likely blocked the second attack on Zombie by Windbreaker.

Zombie Maiden (Windbreaker, Diamond Blade and Earth shield)

1 Worg Alpha – Regular attack, Earth shield, Frozen Shackles, Obliterate, Windbreaker [now blitz, wind]

2 Goblin Voyager – Burning Jab – Windbreaker, Water Shield – Earth Shield blitz attack regular attack [now Burning Jab blitz attack]

3 Morkash Soul-Eater – Windbreaker, Earth Shield, Burning Rage, Blitz [now Windbreaker, Diamond blade]

4 Sirens: All ranged stuff. The first attack is just boosters. They included melee thorns. Second can windbreak. Burn, wind, blitz works. Now Diamond, wind

5 Grushok The Decaler – (casts the magic) Water double and Windbreaker, followed by all heavy strikes [first turn with same dmg, second turn with same dmg]. See what he’s going to do next. Burn, blitz, dead on wind. Only 330 dmg was taken on water, wind, and diamond. You could take none.

Sir Ratzel is a fast and physical attacker. Earth Shield, Windbreaker (later earth shield, diamond knife, blitz/regular attacks)

7 Giant Skeleton – Earth Shield, Burning Blade/Diamond Blade, Frozen Shackles, Windbreaker, Obliterate, Blitz

8 Nether Flurry, Diamond blades, Windbreakers, Blitz. I will rock your world if the battle goes on. In this situation, a vacuum ball can be very helpful.

Turn 1 It gains resistance, defense and courage.

Turn 2 First with the courage boost. Casts vacuum-sphere.

Turn 3 It causes life drain. Dmg occurs immediately and is added to the recurring damage. Its maximum health and current health both jump 50%. (Do all your heavy attacks before this)

9 Medusa: Windbreaker (Earth shield), Diamond Blade, Magnum, Mag. Similar to Flurry’s flurry, she will rock your body at the end of the fight if you go on too long.

Viper’s Gaze is cast by Turn 1. Does damage and silences ranged attacks and spell casting for multiple turn.

Turn 2 Casts Spon (Earth Shield blocks it)

Turn 3: Snake Eyes is cast (earth shield will not block it). Deals dmg (and STUNS) (no melee attack for the next three rounds).

Turn 4 casts Good Karma. Magic damage is taken each turn by you

Turn 5 attacks for 120 dmg. This is likely to be considered range.

Turn 6 Casts deadly Poison for very High Dmg

At 300 courage you are faster. You are faster at 314. You need to stop the fire storm.

Turn 1 he casts Desolation

Turn 2 diamond blade

Turn 3 Casts Fire tornado

Turn 4 Casts Frozen shackles

He uses Granite Fist in Turn 5.

Turn 6 He uses the Obliterate

While slow, you can try: Water Doubles, Diamond Blades, Bait, and Switch, (transferring the tornado? Earth Shield, Magic [never attempted this combo when slower].

While faster than he and with high health (for water double)

Water doubles, Diamond Blades Blitz, Earth Shields and Windbreakers

Water double will be able to absorb his first two strikes.

Thank you for reading the Skilltree Saga – Enemy Types and Combat Skill Selection, and we hope you found them beneficial. If you see any mistakes or have any suggestions for enhancements, please let us know in the comments box below, and we will fix them as soon as we can. I’m sending you today my very best wishes. Thanks to creator and writer Corndog for motivating this post’s creation. If you liked this post, you should check back regularly because we publish new information every day.

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Skilltree Saga – Enemy Types and Combat Skill Selection (2024)
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