The Best Deep Rock Galactic Driller Build for Fighting Machines (2024)

One of the newer threats to Deep Rock Galactic is the Rival Tech faction, which competes with us to gather the rich minerals down in the caves of Hoxxus. However, rather than fighting other dwarfs, they send robots to handle the dirty work.

All the Rival Tech robots are different in contrast to the swarms of bugs players are accustomed to fighting. We found that Driller is one of the best dwarf classes in Deep Rock Galactic to counter these robots, especially on Rival Presence missions. We will give you our best machine-killing build for Driller to fight back against Rival Tech.

Rival Tech Weaknesses

Most of the Rival Tech faction’s robots we have fought against share similar weaknesses and strengths. One of the main features we can exploit to get the upper hand against the machines is their weakness to Heat damage.

Whenever a robot is fully set on fire, it will explode and die almost instantly. Even the deadly Nemesis machine unit is highly vulnerable to Heat damage. In Deep Rock Galactic, Driller is our best pick to customize his build. This is because all his primary weapons currently function off different elemental damage types.

CRSPR Flamethrower

Rival Tech’s robots naturally explode in just a few moments under heat pressure rather than a stream of bullets. Therefore, in Deep Rock Galactic, the CRSPR Flamethrower is a no-contest pick for our driller build to fight machines. We highly recommend the following build for the flamethrower:

  • High-pressure Ejector: Extends the range of your flames.
  • Triple Filtered Fuel: Increases the rate of fully setting targets on fire.
  • Sticky Flame Slowdown: Adds a slow to your flame trails left on surfaces.
  • Sticky Flame Duration: Increases the uptime on your sticky flames.
  • Heat Radiance: Adds a Heat AOE around you, ensuring close targets burn up faster.

Additional Benefits in Deep Rock Galactic to Picking the Flamethrower for Your Anti-Machines Driller Build

Not only does this strengthen the time to set targets on fire, but any surface you spray slows while keeping your targets Ignited. Not only is this mod build great for eliminating any robots, but it’s also one of the best bug-killing builds for the driller in Deep Rock Galactic!

Almost all the Overclocks currently available for the CRSPR Flamethrower are great picks for the weapon. Most of the Overclocks add some additional ammo, such as the Compact Feed Valves or Lighter Tanks, which makes up for not choosing any base ammo mods. The only mod we suggest not using is the Fuel Stream Diffuser, which has no significant upsides for using.

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We can recommend two secondaries for this build, yet one currently holds strength over the other. Both the Experimental Plasma Charger & the Colette Wave Cooker are great picks for this build.

Using the Experimental Plasma Charger in Your Driller Build

The Experimental Plasma Charger is the weaker option in Deep Rock Galactic for this Driller build. Yet, there are still reasons to choose this secondary weapon. The plasma charger’s final mod list has the option to give the gun’s primary fire heat damage atop its regular plasma shots.

Thematically this continues the Heat theme in Deep Rock Galactic with the driller build, and the charged shot is excellent for clearing out hordes at the cost of more ammo. The mod build we use for this weapon is:

  • Increased Particle Density: Extra primary fire damage.
  • Overcharged Plasma Accelerator: Improved primary fire velocity.
  • Improved Charge Efficiency: Charged shots use less ammo.
  • High-Density Battery: More Ammo
  • Plasma Burn: Heat damage on primary fire.

While this is a build focused on using the primary fire since the Plasma Burn mod unfortunately only works with regular shots. Otherwise, optimizing the plasma charger for a charged shot build is often better.

Recommended: Colette Wave Cooker Secondary for this Anti-Machine Driller Build in Deep Rock Galactic

The more recommended weapon for this kind of driller build in DRG is the Colette Wave Cooker. This handheld microwave gun allows you to boil your targets inside out and works exceptionally well with heat and cold damage. The mod Temperature Amplifier causes targets set on fire or frozen solid to have a rapid shift in temperature, causing a burst of damage.

The burst caused by Temperature Amplifier deletes normal bugs and takes chunks out of bosses but isn’t very effective at killing robots. Since the flamethrower already does excellent work at destroying Rival Tech, we recommend this secondary weapon for dealing with any other enemy. Our driller weapon build for the Colette Wave Cooker in Deep Rock Galactic is:

  • Magnetron Tube: Extra ammo.
  • Larger Power Supply: Increased fire rate.
  • Temperature Amplifier: Causes temperature shocks with high burst damage to Frozen or Burning targets.
  • Power Supply Overdrive: Decreases the AOE radius but increases the rate of fire. This can be toggled on and off.
  • Exothermic Reactor: Adds the chance for temperature shocks to trigger an AOE damaging mist.

The Colette Wave Cooker is a fantastic secondary and allows Driller to have more synergy with his primary weapons. This little microwave gun is excellent for whatever Driller build you are running in Deep Rock Galactic.

Equipment to Include in Your Deep Rock Galactic Driller Build to Destroy Machines

Lastly, there are a few choices between what equipment to bring. Impact Axes are an excellent pick for Driller since he lacks direct non-elemental damage with this build. These axes deal high burst damage to Dreadnaughts or other special bugs.

However, if you want to keep in the theme of a complete Heat build, you can use the Neurotoxin Grenades instead of the Impact Axes. The Neurotoxin Grenades take a while to deploy, but the poison cloud explodes when combined with Driller’s flamethrower.

Wrap Up

That’s our best machine-killing build in Deep Rock Galactic for the Driller class. This build will make quick work of any Rival tech machine you come across except The Caretaker in Deep Rock Galactic since they are considered a boss enemy. Use those sticky flames to your advantage whenever possible, even against the Nemesis. As always, Rock and Stone, fellow Dwarfs!

The Best Deep Rock Galactic Driller Build for Fighting Machines (2024)


What is the best main weapon for the driller Deep Rock Galactic? ›

His primary weapon set consists of the CRSPR Flamethrower, the Cryo Cannon and the Corrosive Sludge Pump while his secondaries consist of the Subata 120, the Experimental Plasma Charger and the Colette Wave Cooker.

Is Driller the best class Deep Rock Galactic? ›

No matter which class build players use, the Driller must manage crowds of enemies while clearing pathways through rocks for teammates. As a result, driller weapons are regarded as some of the best for Mining Expeditions in Deep Rock Galactic.

What is the best class to carry in Deep Rock Galactic? ›

As the debate rages on Reddit, the consensus leans towards the Gunner, Scout, Driller, and Engineer as the top carry classes in Deep Rock Galactic. Each class brings a unique set of skills and strategies to ensure success in the hazardous depths of Hoxxes IV.

What is the best gun for engineer deep rock galactic? ›

Deepcore PGL and Warthog Auto 210

The first two weapons for the Demolitionist are the Deepcore PGL and the Warthog Auto 210 shotgun. This combination allows the Engineer to easily take out enemies at the early stages.

What is the best primary for Gunner Deep Rock Galactic? ›

Best primary weapon for Gunner? Thunder Cannon is good for multi target damage. Minigun is good for single target damage. Hurricane is a mix of both single target and multi target (depending on how you build it).

What is the best job in Deep Rock Galactic? ›

probably driller. Or engi. I would personally recommend Driller, and if not Driller, Engineer. These are the “balanced” dwarves in the sense of firepower and agility (Gunner having subpar traversal but high firepower, and Scout having subpar firepower but high mobility).

What is the best character solo in Deep Rock Galactic? ›

Scout: Speed and Precision

Scouts zip through the caves with agility, excelling at quick maneuvering and resource collection. Their grappling hook combined with sharpshooting skills make them a top choice for those seeking a fast-paced solo experience.

Can you solo DRG? ›

Updated January 26, 2024, by Sean Murray: Can you play Deep Rock Galactic Solo? Absolutely. This guide will give you a rundown on the best classes to play solo and what you should be doing as a solo player. This will give you more experience for when it's time to partner with fellow dwarven miners.

Is Deep Rock Galactic harder with more players? ›

Increased player count increases enemy damage even further. Additionally, Hazard 5 reduces the maximum health the player will regenerate to, from 15% to 10%. The Hazard Level will also affect wave modifiers, such as "time until the next wave" and enemy composition.

What is the strongest class in DRG? ›

The Engineer and Scout classes are S Tier, the Driller is A Tier, and the Gunner is B Tier. What is the best class in the game? The Engineer is our pick for the best overall class in Deep Rock Galactic.

What is the strongest class in Deep Rock Galactic Survivor? ›

Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor - Every Class, Ranked
  • 4 Engineer.
  • 3 Driller.
  • 2 Gunner.
  • 1 Scout.
Mar 15, 2024

What is the best duo in deep rock? ›

Scout & Engineer – The Dynamic Duo

The Scout and Engineer combo was unanimously praised by players for their complementary roles. The Engineer's platforms provide mobility for the Scout to reach high areas easily, while the Scout's speed and resource-gathering abilities support the team efficiently.

What is the primary weapon of the driller in Deep Rock Galactic? ›

He is equipped to control large hordes of enemies using any of his formidable primary weapons: The CRSPR Flamethrower, the Cryo Cannon or the Corrosive Sludge Pump. For longer range, the Driller must rely on any of his secondary weapons: The Subata 120, the Experimental Plasma Charger, or the Colette Wave Cooker.

What is the highest forge level in deep rock Galactic? ›

The Forge Mastery, technically, is infinite, due to the fact you will be able to infuse and obtain 'Mineral Containers' which cost 600c to forge and will give you 120 of that specific mineral.

What guns does the Driller get in deep rock Galactic? ›

He is equipped to control large hordes of enemies using any of his formidable primary weapons: The CRSPR Flamethrower, the Cryo Cannon or the Corrosive Sludge Pump. For longer range, the Driller must rely on any of his secondary weapons: The Subata 120, the Experimental Plasma Charger, or the Colette Wave Cooker.

What is the best Scout main weapon in Deep Rock Galactic? ›

The DRAK-25 Plasma Carbine is by far the most powerful, dealing lots of damage to anything unlucky enough to be standing in its way. Both the Voltaic Stun Sweeper and TH-0R Bug Taser also stand out because of the nature of the attacks, which can hit multiple enemies with both damage and status effects.

What is the best way to farm weapon overclocks in deep rock galactic? ›

Weapon OCS can be acquired through various methods, including weekly Deep Dives, where one OC is awarded per weapon variant per week. They can also be unlocked via Weekly Core Hunts, Machine Events, and Forge Mastery rewards.

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