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The First Descendant has over 14 characters to choose from, each providing a unique set of skills and passives to combat the Vulgus threat. Since crafting a Descendant takes time, it can be hard to pick one that is both powerful and fun in the endgame. This tier list ranks Descendants based on their versatility in many scenarios for the game, especially in endgame content like Hard mode Void Intercepts and Infiltrations.

Table of Contents

  • S-Tier
    • Bunny
    • Ajax
    • Freyna
    • Viessa
    • Kyle
  • A-Tier
    • Sharen
    • Enzo
    • Gley
    • Valby
    • Esiemo
  • B-Tier
    • Lepic
    • Blair
    • Yujin



Bunny is one of the first Descendants you are guaranteed to get after picking your starter. She currently sits on the top spot as she has a solid skillset that always remains relevant in different game modes. Bunny excels in both add clearing and boss DPS, making her a dependable pick for all content.

  • “Thrill Bomb” is a powerful short-range AoE blast that deals Electric damage and does not consume mana.
  • “Light Speeding” is a speed boost that can function as an escape or offensive tool. This synergizes with her third skill, “Lightning Emission,” which is a pulsing AoE that pulses more frequently the faster she runs.
  • “Maximum Power” is a laser that deals immense single-target Electric damage.


Ajax is the premiere frontline character in The First Descendant and can control the battlefield with his specialized skillset. In a game where cover is vital to survival, Ajax’s barriers are a lifesaver in modes where defense is required. He also has the ability to stun and knock back enemies, solidifying his spot as The First Descendant’s main tank class.

  • “Orbit Barrier” creates a barrier that reflects enemy projectiles back at them. The barrier’s durability scales with Ajax’s health and shields.
  • “Void Walk” causes Ajax to leap in the air and do a concussive slam that stuns nearby enemies.
  • “Expulsion” unleashes a close-range AoE that knocks back enemies near him.
  • “Hypercube” creates a dome that blocks all enemy projectiles while granting allies inside it a damage buff when enhanced with Void Energy.


Freyna is the master of toxic venoms, as she excels in inflicting poison DoTs for adds and bosses. She is a pure DPS character that can stack and spread Toxic damage in the battlefield, making her the best at clearing massive groups of enemies, even in Hard-mode missions.

  • “Venom Trauma” lobs a toxic projectile that leaves behind a puddle, dealing DoT to enemies standing in the puddle.
  • “Defense Mechanism” grants Freyna a defensive buff that inflicts DoT on enemies that attack her in melee.
  • “Putrid Venom” creates a toxic swamp that inflicts Toxic damage. When enemies leave the swamp, they will leave behind a trail that spreads the DoT to other enemies that come into contact with it.
  • “Venom Baptism” causes Freyna to brandish her Unique Weapon. This weapon inflicts DoTs on hit but has limited ammo.


Viessa controls the battlefield with her frost powers, slowing enemies and keeping them frozen in place. Her utility lies in crowd-control and damage, ensuring that dense enemy groups don’t become a threat to the team. She can also dish out some solid DPS with her skills, as stacking these effects on an enemy will ramp up in damage. Viessa is a great starter pick for players who like to play a caster role in the game.

  • ‘Frost Shards” fires an ice projectile that explodes, dealing AoE damage and Inflicting Ice Shackle on enemies hit.
  • ‘Frost Road” grants Viessa extra movement speed and shields for a short time. While this skill is active, she leaves behind a trail of frost that applies Ice Shackle on enemies.
  • “Cold Snap” is a frontal cone attack that cleaves through enemies in its radius and applies Ice Shackle.
  • “Blizzard” causes Viessa to leave a lingering AoE in a targeted area. Enemies within the area take damage over time while lowering their defenses and stacking Ice Shackle. Once the duration ends, the area explodes for one last burst of damage.


Kyle plays like an offensive version of Ajax, exchanging barriers for raw offensive power. Unlike Ajax, Kyle uses his damage skills to fuel his tanking resource, which gives him even more damage. He is a great brawler character who rewards players who want to be right in the thick of battle and drawing aggro. His kit makes him a tough target and deals twice the pain inflicted on him.

  • ‘Repulsion Dash” is a forward charge attack that deals damage and restores his Magnetic Force resource.
  • “Magnetic Bulwark” summons a barrier in front of Kyle that he can carry. Each shot blocked by the barrier increases his Magnetic Force resource.
  • “Magnetism Spurt” transfers all damage taken to his shields and health into the Magnetic Force bar. Once enough damage has been taken, Kyle releases the spent Magnetic Force as an AoE blast around him.
  • “Superconductivity Thrusters” causes Kyle to leap to the air and fly toward the ground, consuming the entire Magnetic Force bar. When Kyle comes in contact with an enemy or terrain, he deals massive Electric damage around him. The more Magnetic Force consumed, the more damage this skill deals.


Sharen’s playstyle is unique among the Descendants, as much of her abilities are focused on stealth and melee combat rather than ranged. She plays as a burst DPS assassin, going up close and personal with stealth, dealing high burst damage, and escaping to find another opportunity to strike again. While she is very squishy, she succeeds in her niche and can be quite fun to play.

  • “Cutoff Beam” is a short-range melee swipe that electrocutes enemies hit.
  • “Active Camouflage” turns Sharen invisible and removes enemy aggro from her. This effect disappears once she shoots or casts another skill. When the skill ends, her next attack will deal increased damage.
  • “Impact Rounds,” launches explosive grenades that stun enemies.
  • “Flash Shortsword,” causes Sharen to unleash electric knives that home in on targets in front of her.


Enzo is a unique support character, as instead of providing healing and traditional buffs, he provides a constant source of ammo for his team. Since certain classes of weapons like Impact and Heavy weapons have rarer ammo drops, Enzo’s niche is keeping the team stocked up on supplies to extend the DPS output of his team. He is a welcome addition to any team on boss encounters but struggles beyond other roles.

  • “Start Supply” releases a drone on a targeted location. Allies can use this drone once to replenish ammo.
  • “Explosive Drone” launches a drone that detonates on contact, dealing AoE damage.
  • “Enhance Combat Suit” grants Enzo immediate shield regeneration on skill activation.
  • “Perfect Support” is a drone that follows Enzo, periodically dropping ammo for him and his team. The drone can also shoot targets in front of it and when the skill ends, it fires a missile that deals massive AoE damage.


Gley is a berserker on the battlefield, eschewing defense and shields for raw offensive power. She is a high-risk, high-reward DPS character, as Gley intrinsically has no shields or mana. Instead, she has a higher health value and some passive damage reduction to keep herself alive. She fits best in the middle of the fight, but she can also die quickly if you don’t keep her health topped up. Her effectiveness is highly dependent on her modules and her weapons, but with the right build, Gley has the potential to be very powerful.

  • “Frenzied” gives her a significant damage and armor penetration buff at the cost of her health constantly draining.
  • ‘Life Siphon” drains the health of nearby enemies while restoring Gley’s own. When she is Frenzied, this skill deals more damage. If she is not Frenzied, enemies hit by this attack will deal less damage.
  • “Increased Sensory” grants Gley either infinite ammo for all her weapons for a short duration if she is Frenzied or increased movement speed and health recovery is she is not.
  • “Massacre” unleashes Gley’s Unique Weapon. When she is Frenzied, her Unique Weapon deals more damage the lower her health. If not, her weapon stuns enemies.


Valby is quite powerful when it comes to add clear, leaving behind massive pools of water that deal tick damage. Not only that, she has some survivability added to her kit which makes her fairly balanced. While she excels at zone denial, her single-target damage is very lacking, which makes her weak in Void Intercept bosses but insanely powerful in Special Operations.

  • “Bubble Bullet” shoots out a water bullet that bounces, creating multiple pools of water in a targeted area. Enemies that enter the pools are inflicted with Laundry, which makes them take increased Electric and Non-Attribute damage
  • “Plop Plop” leaves a pool of water on Valby’s location, which she then dives into. Valby can select another pool to emerge from, causing enemies on the point of emergence to take damage, be knocked back, and receive the Laundry debuff.
  • “Laundry” turns Valby into liquid, preventing her from jumping or using other skills. While in this state, she gains a significant damage reduction buff while leaving behind a trail of water that deals damage and inflicts the Laundry debuff.
  • ‘Laundry Bomb” is Valby’s Unique Weapon. This weapon launches water bombs that pull enemies with the Laundry debuff and leave more pools of water.


Esiemo is Albion’s demolition expert, specializing in bombs and all types of explosives. He is a brawler-type DPS character who prefers to be up close and personal with his enemies. His skills are meant for methodical players who can find and trap enemy spawn points with mines. While his burst damage takes some time to set up, patient players can output massive damage if they can successfully set all their bombs up. Esiemo’s close-ranged playstyle makes him vulnerable to enemy fire, so make sure to find the right opportunity for setting explosives.

  • “Time Bomb” makes Esiemo throw a sticky bomb that adheres to the terrain or on other enemies.
  • “Blast” immediately detonates all bombs on the field. This deals more damage the more bombs are set.
  • “Guided Mine” places a mine that will home in on the closest enemy and attach itself to the target.
  • “Arche Explosion” causes Esiemo to be ignited and charge forward, which knocks back enemies hit by the charge. Once the charge duration ends, Esiemo explodes, dealing damage and removing buffs on enemies.



Lepic is one of the starter Descendants and has a balanced playstyle. His kit is one of the simplest in the game, mainly focusing on dealing AoE damage and add clearing. While he is a decent character to pick, the lack of additional effects in his kit makes Lepic too basic in harder content to justify bringing in the endgame.

  • His first skill, “Grenade,” is a basic grenade that deals a burst of AoE damage.
  • His second skill, “Overclock,” enhances his skills with a Burn effect and extra damage.
  • His third skill, “Traction Grenade,” is a grenade that sucks in nearby enemies caught in its radius.
  • His fourth skill, “Overkill,” turns Lepic’s arm into a cannon that fires a single explosive shot that leaves a lingering AoE field.


Blair is a pure caster DPS character, spreading flames towards his enemies. His kit is actually quite solid in damage output, but its biggest problem is its short range and bad ease of use. Battles that are up close and personal are.a challenge for Blair. Unlike other Descendants, Blair doesn’t have any defensive buffs or escape tools to help him survive such encounters. Overall, Blair’s potential is held back by a difficult skillset.

  • “Blaze Up” places a patch of fire underneath Blair, dealing Fire damage and inflicting Burn on enemies.
  • “Extinguish” returns all fire patches to Blair, restoring Mana for each AoE returned and granting a small defensive bonus.
  • “Burn Taste” channels a gout of fire in front of Blair, dealing constant Fire damage.
  • “Deadly Cuisine” causes Blair to shoot out a massive fireball, which explodes into smaller fireballs on contact. These leave behind small patches of fire in the area, dealing massive Fire damage.


Yujin is one of the only Descendants that can provide a consistent source of healing in a game where healing mainly comes from enemy drops. He plays a purely support role and excels in that front, providing both sustain, damage and defensive buffs to the entire team. However, this can’t be said for Yujin himself, as he does not benefit from the healing he provides, making him very vulnerable to enemy fire.

  • “Solidarity Healing” is a fire-and-forget drone that automatically heals an assigned player. When retrieved, this grants the affected player a damage buff for a short duration.
  • “Restructure Serum” grants allies hit by the skill a defense buff while debuffing enemies with Allergy. Enemies hit by allies while they have the Allergy debuff will grant even more healing.
  • “Stimulant Spray” grants a flat damage reduction buff and heals nearby allies in the AoE once that skill ends.
  • “Hyperreactive Healing Ground” creates a zone that removes and prevents all debuffs and constant healing to nearby allies while also granting Yujin a damage buff.
The First Descendant: Best Descendant Tier List | PlayerAuctions (2024)
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